NETGENIQ Electronic Security Data FABRIC

Deliver Critical Operational and Business Insights and Advanced Intelligence. 

 Connect, Collect, Convert and Deliver Machine Data from Electronic Security Systems 

 Provide critical operational insights across complete security systems - physical, electronic and human and to an individual component level.  


Combine and analyse data from Electronic Security devices such as CCTV or Access Control devices together with data from CRM, ERP or IT business systems to deliver complete umbrella operational intelligence and advanced actionable analytics. 

NETGENIQ Electronic Security Data Fabric

People Activity Analytics

Use the NETGENIQ FABRIC to deliver data from CCTV or Access Control systems into Analytics platforms to;

  • Count people into an area or room

  • Count people leaving an area or room

  • Count crowding and loitering events

  • Count east-west directional foot traffic

  • Alert on loitering/crowd build-up

  • Alert and Alarm when thresholds met

  • Trend and analyse and against other data

People Activity Analytics
Retail Visitor Analytics

Retail Visitor Analytics

Use the NETGENIQ FABRIC to deliver data from CCTV to Analytics platforms to;

  • Count an analyse people visitor trends

  • Track east-west foot traffic

  • Track and analyse dwell times

  • Alert and alarm

  • Analyse against commercial data such as items sold and revenue.

  • Compare visitor traffic with time of day, revenue and employee rosters

Vehicle Activity Analytics

Vehicle Activity Analytics

Use the NETGENIQ FABRIC to deliver data from CCTV and Access Systems to Analytics platforms to;

  • Count Vehicles and movements

  • Track most active vehicles

  • Alarm on new vehicles

  • Track and analyse dwell times

  • Alert and alarm

  • Vehicle Park Usage tracking and analytics

  • Combine both CCTV (number plate) and Access data to create dual authentication and access

  • Integrated security and safety monitoring

Electronic Device Analytics

Device Management

Use NETGENIQ FABRIC data and Analytics platforms to Track and manage activity and status of CCTV and other Electronic Security Devices;

  • Device live stats and health

  • Notable device events including disconnection, tampering  and device errors

  • Live Camera feed access
  • Alert and Alarm

  • Correlation of activity with notable events

Data Center Security Analytics

Data Center Security

Use NETGENIQ FABRIC delivered data from CCTV,  Access Control and Perimeter security to;

  • Data center entry/exit counts and trends

  • Track and count individual people access and times.

  • Track and alert on Fire Exit usage

  • Identify, track and alert on tailgating incidents

  • Alert and Alarm

  • Validate access and movement data against access policies and change windows

  • Correlate electronic security incidents against IT Security incidents

Access Control Analytics

Access Control

Use NETGENIQ FABRIC delivered data from Access Control, Perimeter and CCTV devices and Analytics platforms to;

  • Track and count door access events against time of day and policies

  • Track and count people against door access events

  • Alert and Alarm

  • Identify anomalies such as unusual access time/patterns, expired PIN usage, door open too long

  • Analyse and compare with IT data such as security breach or data theft

  • Analyse and compare with business data such as stock movements


The NETGENIQ Electronic Security Device FABRIC is available with plugins for devices from popular Electronic Security Manufacturers including Avigilon, 2N, Bosch, Milestone and Axis Communications.

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