CCTV Analytics from 2N Access Systems

Use the NETGENIQ FABRIC to deliver the following data from 2N Access systems into Analytics platforms to;

  • Track and count door access events against time of day and policies

  • Track and count people against door access events

  • Alert and Alarm

  • Identify anomalies such as unusual access time/patterns, expired PIN usage, door open too long

  • Analyse and compare with IT data such as security breach or data theft

  • Analyse and compare with business data such as stock movements

  • And more..

Download Free 30-day Trial

Access Control Analytics

FABRIC for 2N free trial

This trial software is limited to 30 days and 5 devices and requires the following minimum system components;

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (Enterprise, Pro, LTSC(IoT), Microsoft Windows Server 2016 & above)

  • Intel x86 64-bit Processor

  • 2+ CPU Cores

  • 8GB RAM

  • 50GB Storage

  • 1Gbps NIC Card

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