Deliver Critical Operational and Business Insights and Advanced Intelligence

The NETGENIQ Electronic Security Data FABRIC Connects, Collects and Converts Machine Data from Electronic Security Systems and Delivers to Analytics Platforms


Access Control

Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Security

Advanced Analytics

Use the NETGENIQ FABRIC to deliver data from Electronic Security Systems into Analytics platforms for;

  • People Activity Analytics

  • Retail Visitor Analytics

  • Vehicle Activity Analytics

  • Umbrella Operational Device Management

  • Enhanced Access Control Analytics

  • And much, much, more...

Machine Data

Leverage the power of machine data to deliver advanced analytics across multiple markets.

  • Healthcare and Aged Care

  • Universities and Higher Education

  • Shopping Centers

  • Clubs, Casinos and Hospitality

  • Jails and Correctional Centers

  • Enhanced IT (Data Center) Security

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